Halloween With Alain Bảo Phán – End of the Hallway – Bikini Girl

Happy Halloween:

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Dear cherished readers, the story that I am about to tell you, I have kept to myself for the last twenty-five years. To be honest, to this day, I am still unsure if what happened was reality, or just a figment of my imagination. But alas, Halloween is near, and I wish to tell my tale – to relieve this burden from my heart, and to offer you, my readers, a contemplation of the dark side …

Kính thưa bạn đọc, câu chuyện sau đây tôi chưa từng chia xẻ với ai trong hơn 25 năm qua, đến tận bây giờ tôi vẫn thật sự không biết, là lúc đó tôi đang mơ hay tỉnh. Dù sao, nhân dịp Halloween tôi cũng xin mạn phép kể ra đây, để vơi nhẹ cõi lòng và cống hiến cho bạn đọc một vài suy tư về cõi âm.

*** Thanh’s funeral was attended by the entire town. Each student from his class at the university dropped a flower onto his grave. His best friend Tan wore a black suit that hung loosely from his thin frame.

As Thanh’s coffin was lowered into the ground, Tan stood next to his friend’s grave and said, “It was my fault! I never should have talked you into going to Las Vegas!” Tan put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a remaining $100 black chip. With a spark from his lighter, Tan set the chip on fire and threw it into his friend’s grave.
**** Lathering up and trying to be as quick as possible, I shuddered when I heard the girl’s voice calling over, “Do you have any soap, Alain? I forgot mine.”

Shaking but still alert, I cried out, “Karen, what are you doing here? It’s the men’s locker room!”

“I know, but I’m too scared to shower alone in the women’s room!”

Surprised, but curious, yet still scared out of my wits, I gathered my courage and reprimanded myself: “Why in the world are you afraid of a harmless girl?”

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